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♥️♦️ 3 Tickets in the CT ‘Dreams Come True’ Draw (Odds: 1 in 50)


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This draw is for the chance to win 3 Tickets in the

Charlotte Tilbury ‘Dream Come True Set’ Draw

ONLY 50 Tickets in this DRAW! Great Odds 1 in 50 Chance

The lucky winner will be contacted by email and will have these tickets added in to the draw.

You will receive an email with your ticket numbers in the draw and these can also be found in your account dashboard

(This is usually within 48hrs of the winner being drawn).


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DateNameTicket Number
19/02/2024 8:50pm Kasey Codner-poole 5
08/02/2024 7:27pm Bruce Almighty 13
10/02/2024 11:38pm Mick L 14
19/02/2024 8:39pm Rowan Hill 16
08/02/2024 7:27pm Bruce Almighty 21
19/02/2024 3:47pm Natalie McGreavy 22
19/02/2024 8:39pm Rowan Hill 25
19/02/2024 8:39pm Rowan Hill 28
10/02/2024 11:38pm Mick L 37
19/02/2024 8:50pm Kasey Codner-poole 39