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⭐ Charlotte Tilbury – ‘Dreams Come True Set’



WIN This Pillow Talk makeup vault with 14 FULL-SIZE Pillow Talk makeup icons,

perfectly packaged in an easy-to-gift vanity case with mirror!

OVER £430 worth of Charlotte Tilbury Make-up to be won for just £16!

With a 1 in 50 Chance of winning, such LOW TICKETS, you got to be in it to win it!

*This competition will be drawn when ALL TICKETS ARE SOLD



With 14 FULL-SIZE makeup products from Charlotte Tilburys AWARD-WINNING, GLOBALLY-LOVED Pillow Talk collection to deliver the ultimate PILLOW TALK EFFECT!
NEW! for 2023 is the Hollywood Glow Glide Face Architect Highlighter in Pillow Talk Glow, Pillow Talk Beautifying Face Palette and Pillow Talk Matte Beauty Blush Wand, alongside 11 other Pillow Talk ICONS for your eyes, lips and cheeks!

Discover what’s inside

Pillow Talk Beautifying Face Palette in Fair/Medium: My beautifying blush + glow palette! Includes a cool pink matte blush, warm glow highlighter, peachy-pink matte blush and rose gold highlighter!
Hollywood Glow Glide Face Architect Highlighter in Pillow Talk Glow (7g): Combining the rich pigment pay-off of a pressed powder with the skin-gilding satin texture of a liquid highlighter, the Hollywood Glow Glide Face Architect Highlighter in Pillow Talk Glow ILLUMINATES, LIFTS and SCULPTS the LOOK of your SKIN without creasing, caking or settling into fine lines for a CONFIDENCE-BOOSTING GLOW!
Pillow Talk Matte Beauty Blush Wand in Pillow Talk (12ml): Inspired by Charlottes WORLD-FAMOUS Beauty Light Wands, the ONE-DOT-WONDER Pillow Talk Matte Beauty Blush Wand is a universally-flattering EASY LIQUID BLUSH WAND that lifts and revives the look of every complexion! Pillow Talk is a suits-all rosy-pink shade.
Lip Cheat in Pillow Talk (1.2g): The ICONIC nude-pink lip liner for fuller, wider-looking lips.
Matte Revolution in Pillow Talk Original (3.5g): The universally-loved, best-selling nude-pink matte lipstick for a sumptuous, pillow-y lip in seconds.
Luxury Palette in Pillow Talk (5.2g): Easy-to-use nude-pink eyeshadow quad for a romantic, wide-eyed, everyday eye makeup look.
Eyes to Mesmerise in Pillow Talk (7ml): Easy-to-use, long-lasting pretty pink cream eyeshadow with a rose-gold sparkle to light up your eyes!
Colour Chameleon in Pillow Talk: My shimmering nude-pink eyeshadow pencil to enhance your eye colour sparkle!
Pillow Talk Eyeliner (1.2g): A smokey berry-brown eyeliner in an easy-to-blend, long-lasting formula.
Pillow Talk Push Up Lashes! mascara in Super Black (10ml): A miracle mascara that gives lashes long-lasting volume, length and a weightless 24-hour lift effect!
Cheek to Chic blush in Pillow Talk Original (8g): A two-tone pink and champagne powder blush for a healthy-looking glow!
Beauty Light Wand in Pillow Talk Original (12ml): A magical liquid highlighter blush formula that adds a kiss of colour to your cheeks and plays with the light beautifully for a soft-focus beauty glow!
Collagen Lip Bath in Pillow Talk (7.9ml): A high-shine, sheer lip gloss in my ICONIC nude-pink shade.
Hyaluronic Happikiss in Pillow Talk: A nude-pink lipstick gloss balm formulated with Hyaluronic Acid and C-Peptide for intensely hydrated, fuller-looking lips! Glides on with a magical fondue-like texture for a dewy and juicy kiss of HYDRATING colour on your lips!

The lucky winner will be contacted by email & we’ll have this
shipped out straight away, to the address provided to us in your account.
Date Name Ticket Number
08/04/2024 12:29am Graeme Kellett 1
13/01/2024 1:28am Vin Campbell 2
08/04/2024 11:17pm Bruce Almighty 3
20/05/2024 10:47pm Mick L 4
18/03/2024 11:50pm Parys Collins 5
08/04/2024 11:17pm Bruce Almighty 6
27/02/2024 12:09am Mick L 7
27/02/2024 12:09am Mick L 8
27/02/2024 12:09am Mick L 9
20/05/2024 10:47pm Mick L 10
27/02/2024 12:09am Mick L 11
08/04/2024 11:17pm Bruce Almighty 12
08/04/2024 11:17pm Bruce Almighty 13
27/02/2024 12:09am Mick L 14
27/02/2024 12:09am Mick L 15
19/02/2024 11:40pm Kasey Codner-Poole 16
18/03/2024 11:50pm Parys Collins 17
19/02/2024 11:40pm Kasey Codner-Poole 18
31/03/2024 11:34pm Jemma Webb 19
13/12/2023 6:41pm Jim Sharp 20
31/12/2023 12:07pm Lauren Webb 21
23/01/2024 8:15pm Bruce Almighty 22
20/05/2024 10:47pm Mick L 23
12/03/2024 11:54pm Tye Webb 24
25/12/2023 1:09pm Mick L 25
27/02/2024 12:09am Mick L 26
12/03/2024 11:54pm Tye Webb 27
22/04/2024 10:43pm Sarah Dimble 28
08/04/2024 11:17pm Bruce Almighty 29
08/04/2024 11:17pm Bruce Almighty 30
12/03/2024 11:54pm Tye Webb 31
19/02/2024 11:40pm Kasey Codner-Poole 32
23/01/2024 8:15pm Bruce Almighty 33
30/12/2023 5:05pm Mick L 34
08/04/2024 11:17pm Bruce Almighty 35
20/05/2024 10:47pm Mick L 36
20/05/2024 10:47pm Mick L 37
18/12/2023 9:54pm Ashleigh Ramsbottom 38
25/12/2023 1:12pm Mick L 39
20/05/2024 10:47pm Mick L 40
08/04/2024 11:17pm Bruce Almighty 41
13/12/2023 8:48pm Mick L 42
31/12/2023 12:08pm Tye Webb 43
08/04/2024 11:17pm Bruce Almighty 44
27/02/2024 12:09am Mick L 45
27/02/2024 12:09am Mick L 46
27/02/2024 12:09am Mick L 47
13/12/2023 8:48pm Mick L 48
08/04/2024 11:17pm Bruce Almighty 49
18/03/2024 11:50pm Parys Collins 50
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