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(Wk14-16) Lego DC The Batman Bat Cycle – (Odds: 1:80)



Win This LEGO THE BATMAN – BATCYCLE  Set, Collectible Toy Motorbike

A Scaled Model Building Kit of the Iconic Super Hero Bike from the 2022 Movie

The kids are going to love this!

ONLY 80 Tickets in this DRAW! Great Odds 1 in 80 Chance
About this item
  • Fans can recreate an iconic vehicle with this LEGO Technic BATCYCLE toy motorbike model building kit, as seen in the 2022 movie: THE BATMAN
  • The Batman Bike is packed with realistic features including steering, suspension and a drive chain that connects the H4 engine to the rear wheel
  • Kids and fans can capture the spirit of the DC superhero and build the toy motorbike piece by piece then recreate their favourite Batman moments
  • This collectible LEGO THE BATMAN – BATCYCLE features a supporting kickstand so kids can display their build with pride on a shelf or desk
  • This motorbike model building kit makes a great Batman gift idea for kids aged 9+ and fans of super heroes, toy vehicles and comic book culture




The lucky winner will be contacted by email and we’ll have this shipped out straight away, to the address provided to us in your account.
Date Name Ticket Number
15/04/2024 2:07pm Simon Reader 6
15/04/2024 7:10pm Justin Powell 11
15/04/2024 8:51pm Sarah Dimble 12
15/04/2024 2:07pm Simon Reader 16
15/04/2024 8:46pm Damian Seaworth 17
15/04/2024 8:46pm Damian Seaworth 22
15/04/2024 7:25pm Luke Boot 30
15/04/2024 8:51pm Sarah Dimble 32
15/04/2024 2:07pm Simon Reader 34
08/04/2024 10:17pm Jemma Webb 37
15/04/2024 2:07pm Simon Reader 42
15/04/2024 2:07pm Simon Reader 43
15/04/2024 7:10pm Justin Powell 48
15/04/2024 7:25pm Luke Boot 52
08/04/2024 10:17pm Jemma Webb 53
15/04/2024 2:07pm Simon Reader 55
15/04/2024 7:01pm Roxanne Hancox 56
15/04/2024 2:07pm Simon Reader 66
15/04/2024 8:51pm Sarah Dimble 71
15/04/2024 2:07pm Simon Reader 72
15/04/2024 8:46pm Damian Seaworth 76
15/04/2024 7:10pm Justin Powell 79
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