A: You MUST be 18 or over and be a UK resident to play. You must have created / registered an account with us, even if you enter via post.

 (Please see Draws and Competitions T&C’s for more information)

A: Currently we don’t have an ‘app’ for Star Draws, however we are looking at creating one soon. In the meantime you could save time by having an app style shortcut on your device.

Click ‘HERE‘ for the full instructions on how to do it. You will be amazed as it will only take you 1 min to do and you can have your favourite competition site right there in the palm of your hands!

A: Our competitions are run for UK RESIDENTS ONLY (England, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales) If you are outside of these areas, we would not recommend entering our competitions as competitions laws can vary in other countries.

For this reason, if you are NOT from the UK, PLEASE DO NOT ENTER you WILL NOT be refunded.

A: You can purchase as many tickets as the particular Competition Draw will allow.

The maximum number of tickets will be stated in each competition.

A: You will receive a confirmation email after your purchase with details and ticket numbers.

You can also log into your account and check your previous orders, showing you your past orders or check your competitions tickets for your assigned numbers in each draw.

A: You can check each and every draw by opening the draw and viewing tickets. There you will see ALL entries with names and dates of purchases. This is fully transparent and this is also used for our LIVE DRAWS (currently LIVE on Facebook on Mondays @9pm).

We DO NOT send the information over to a spreadsheet like some sites as we feel this can create mistakes. We use what the customer can see on screen from our live website for full transparency. We use an independant Random Number Generator online for the LIVE DRAWS.

A: We will contact you by email or telephone after the live draw. 

You are reminded to make sure ALL your details are correct and up to date in your account.

A: The competition you have entered will be the prize you receive, unless otherwise stated in the specific competition you entered in.

ALL available cash alternatives are visible in the competition description specifically. Please check before entering.

A: If you are the lucky winner, and after all checks have taken place and the prize is sent to you it will be yours!

You can do whatever you so wish with it, you can wrap it up for someone’s present or anything, including selling it.

A: Some of our prizes can be sent digitally via email or bank transfer, so there is little time to wait after it has all been confirmed that you are a winner.

This will obviously depend on the type of competition you have entered. If you have entered a specific prize draw that requires a product to be delivered this will be sent ASAP to the address we have on record in your account. We however have no control of any third party delivery, other than we will always use the fastest form of delivery. If your prize is not with you within a week of winning and you have not heard anything from us to let you know of a late delivery, please contact us so we can chase this up.

A: We would ask you to have a photo taken with your prize if possible, this could be done by yourself at home and sent via email to us.

We would then use this image promotionally via our website / social media sites.  

The reason we ask this, is so others who play can actually see the winners and know it is real, PLUS we ALL want to see your happy smiling face with your winnings.

More information on this can be found in our Draws and Competitions T&C’s

A: If you win site credit, we will automatically update your account with the amount won and an email will be sent to you to let you know.

You can use this credit whenever you like and use it partially if you wish. So for example if you win £20 and your next purchase is £5, just add the coupon code from your account to your checkout and this will pay for it. It will then automatically update your account credit to the remaining £15 for you to use next time.

However, the site credit co not be used in conjunction with any other coupons or discounts. It also can not be used for the purchasing of any of the ‘Instar Wins‘ products.

A: There are many answers set out in our Draws and Competitions T&C’s.

Please read these and if you still did not find the answer you were looking for and still have a question, please contact us at support@stardraws.uk and we will gladly answer any question you may have.